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Where do you get your screentones?
I collected some I found over the internet and Deviantart, so I might not remember all of them. However, the ones I will probably use the most are from these two sites, and I thank them for making such great tones:

Not all my screentones are from sites, I make my own too. Actually, most are ones I made...xD

What media do you use to draw your manga? What's your procedure to drawing a page for H.A.C.K.?
Well, first of all, I sketch out everything in pencil on paper. What kind of paper? The kind I use for my printer, the multi-purpose paper, nothing special.
I don't have any of those fancy pens or anything, I use a regular ballpoint pen to ink -- the kind you use to write letters, homework and such. To fill in spaces I use a sharpie. <3
After I'm finished with that, I scan it in and edit it a bit for cleaner lineart. Then I do the screentones. ;3

What program do you use to do screentones and edit?
OpenCanvas 4.06 and GIMP.

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